All our machines are fitted with GPS systems to maximise efficiency and farm to the highest standard. The use of GPS increases efficiency because it enables the precise control of farm machinery over the field, ensuring that no area is either missed or treated twice over.

GPS also enables variable rate application of seed and fertiliser, adjusting the levels applied as the machine moves across the field according to requirements defined by soil analysis. Rather than spreading equal amounts of seed or fertiliser across every part of every field, variable rate application delivers only what is required, and can make significant cost savings.

We also operate computer-based record-keeping system called Gatekeeper using information gathered by portable data collectors that travel on board the farm machinery, enabling you to keep detailed records and produce reports for inspection at short notice.


Precision Farming Technology

Mentmore Park Farms are users of precision farming technology. When used correctly, precision farming technology – which includes yield mapping, automatic steering and variable rate application – can increase the efficiency of farm operations.

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