We run a comprehensive baling service that includes two options of square bale sizes, 4×4 or 4×3, both of which can then be collected, transported and stacked with our bales chasers which greatly reduces compaction and labor when compared with telehanders and trailers. Straw that gets wet before baling can be turned with our Reiter Respiro to allow it to dry, and stacks can be moved with our flat bed trailers and telehanders with MX Grabs.

• Baling with two MF2290 Square Baler producing 6 string 4 x 4 bales.

• Baling with MF2170 Square Baler producing 6 string 4 x 3 bales.

• Two Heath Super Chaser Extra bale chasers, carrying 12 (4×4) or 16 (4×3) bales.

• Reiter Respiro R3 front mounted straw turner.

• Up to 5 high speed, air-braked trailers with LGP tyres for carting and delivering straw.

• Manitou and JCB Telehandlers with bale grab or spike attachments.