Mentmore Park Farms

IMG_5579 Mentmore Park Farms supplies a range of agricultural contract farming services and is operated by local farmers, M&J Gaymer.

Our services can be employed to provide anything from a one-off contract to full farm management, depending on your needs. Contract arrangements are made in negotiation with each individual farm and we can manage as much or as little of your business as you like.

[blockquote]As a business that has grown out of a successful family-run farm, we are confident that we can offer you the technology, the knowhow and the right attitude to make the most of your arable farmland.  [/blockquote]

Our contract farming agreements have helped all kinds of customers, from farmers who are temporarily short of time or labour, to investors without the expertise or the desire to manage the farm themselves, to retiring farmers who contract us to provide whole farm management.


Our expanding business has proved that what we do maximises efficiency and profits for farm owners.  But above all, we understand and care about farming and farmers; that’s why we tailor our arrangements to support the farmers we work with in a way that best suits them and we’re proud of what we do in partnership with them.

You can read more about our services by clicking here or contact us directly on 01296 668600.