We provide grain storage to customers and merchants, as well as facilities where we can dry grain and clean it to remove any impurities. We also have out own weighbridge and telescopic sampling spear, enabling us to offer you a complete grain handling package.


TASCC accredited storage meaning we can store for both farmers and merchants

Over 10,000 tons of storage capacity on site

Weighbridge and sampling spear ensures accurate measuring of grain on both intake and outload and full traceability on farm


50 ton/hour Svegma Grain Dryer

150 ton/hour intake pit and elevators

Two 150 ton wet bins

Dickey John moisture meter giving accurate moisture, temperature and weight results


Four screen Zanin rotary cleaner

Aspirator for removing chaff and light grains

Satake Colour Sorter

Sieves for measuring admixture and accurate kg/hL weight results

As well as offering a high level of accreditation and reliability, our grain storage has helped farms to enhance their business by freeing up farm buildings that can more profitably be used for other purposes. This has been supported by grant funding through the RDPE Growth Programme and is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.